Wrap Up Manager

Wrap up Manager utilises call triggers to display a ‘screen pop’ with drop down lists that allow your agents to link information to a call. The uses for Wrap up Manager are endless. It is a simple but effective tool that allows information to be added that could otherwise be lost, through the use of drop down lists and/or free text.

It is also useful to help manage Call Recordings linked to GDPR and Data Protection related processes, quickly and efficiently.


Track important and inciteful calls by tagging them through wrap up manager.


Tagged calls are far quicker to identify and add a new level of accuracy to the call finding process.


Optional inclusion of detailed reporting as part of a more customised solution provides a greater business intelligence.


You choose the information available in the drop down lists and add, edit and delete the criteria, as and when required.

Simple Setup

The setup allows you to create multiple lists which can each lead to a different path and you are able to set up as many paths as you need to gather the information you require . You can add, modify and delete a path as and when you need too.

Simple Install

Pop Ups

A pop up occurs every time a call starts, this can also be set to trigger when the call ends. With multiple set up options for the pop up, you can ensure that the pop up is non-intrusive to the users work flow whilst keeping a presence that it needs to be completed.

Wrap Up Manager

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