Powerful Data is already contained in your Call Records

Call recording data is a powerful business tool to help you to understand how your customer, employees and stakeholders all interact within your Business environment.

Data can be found within all of your methods of communication, not only calls.

CARiNA recording solutions allows you to record :-




Device Screens




Web Chats


Instant Messaging

By taking the mass of data that you have gained and improving the way you manage, tag and annotate the content, you will start to see evocative outcomes.

They Contain an impartial account of client and employee interactions, hard facts and emotive opinions that, when used effectively, will help you obtain the most insightful information that can directly help you to improve your Business

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Reliable Recording, Secure Storage and Effortless Playback

Call Recording

The versatile Voice and Data recording solution, with intuitive thinking at its core.

Quality Management

Quality Management tools to evaluate and understand your calls.


Analytics gives you meaningful information with options to filter data, exactly how you want it.

Versatile connectivity

CARiNA is highly versatile and supports a wide range of PBXs and conventional telephones. It also allows for the creation of hybrid systems which record over a combination of digital, analogue and IP telephones.

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We provide first class support solutions to ensure all your requirements and expectations are met when using our systems. Our range of support contracts can be fully customised to suit your company's needs and working hours. Support packages vary from basic remote telephone support to a fully managed service contract, which offers support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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ComputerTel is an independent voice and data recording company, established since 1988 and with many years experience in Call Recording and Quality Management. We understand that call recording is more than just about the software, and that's why all our customers benefit from outstanding customer service and technical support.

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