Speech Analytics

As companies continue to evolve their customer service strategies to attract new business and maintain customer loyalty, the contact centre has emerged as an important strategic asset. The agents staffing these centres have a direct impact on customer acquisition and satisfaction but also have a significant impact on operational costs. In order to continue providing excellent service, more executives are turning to advanced analytics to measure interaction outcomes and ensure that their contact centres are performing at a high level.


Provides automatic verification of compliance and business process adherence.

Real Time

Automated assessment and reporting makes it easy to identify and improve the performance of staff.


Analyse all of your organisations calls without compromise.


Keep compliance simple, from PCI DSS to FCA, we have you covered.

Customer Experience & Customer Satisfaction

Measure and improve the customer experience and customer satisfaction across 100% of your contacts to raise net promoter score, reduce customer effort, and increase customer retention.


Contact analytics

Refers to the analytics process that occurs after a contact is complete. It is often done across a wide body of contacts with the purpose of trend tracking and root cause discovery to improve business intelligence and contact centre performance.

Data Analytics

Performance Management

Analyse and score every contact objectively and automatically. Provide direct and continuous feedback to contact centre managers, supervisors, and agents with automated scoring.


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