Screen Recording

CARiNA Screen Recording provides a visual record of all screen-based interaction with customers. From verification and compliance to quality control and productivity monitoring, the combination of screen and call recording can give you a complete overview of client communication and contact centre performance.


Keep compliance simple, from PCI DSS to FCA, we have you covered.


Combining audio and visual recordings provides the opportunity to ensure the digital input matches the spoken word.


There is no visual indication to the user that their PC screens are set up to record.


Uncomplicated installation with centralised configuration eliminates timely set up.

Why screen record?

There are many critical applications of CARiNA Screen Recording that can have huge benefits for businesses, including personnel training, dispute resolution and productivity monitoring. Companies can also implement process auditing and contact centre quality assurance using CARiNA Screen Recording and can even use the system for regulatory compliance purposes.

Screen Recording

Productivity monitor

We understand that high productivity is crucial in busy call centres , which is why we designed CARiNA Screen Recording software with the ability to monitor a number of key screen interactions. The system allows supervisors to monitor inappropriate web surfing and investigate the use of any desktop application. It can also provide evidential reports, which synchronises screen activity with the relevant call recording.


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