Call Recording

Versatile and easy to use, CARiNA Recording is an innovative call recording solution which allows you to reliably record, store and effortlessly play back all of your business calls. You can use CARiNA as a standalone product or combine it with many other ComputerTel products to create your own bespoke call recording solution. Explore CARiNA's exciting capabilities below.


Keep compliance simple, from PCI DSS to FCA, we have you covered.


Extensive user rights and advanced encryption keep your system secure and prevent unauthorised access.

Link CRM

Link valuable customer information to a call and get a clear picture of your customer interactions.

multiple devices

Playback available for multiple devices not just your computer.

Fast, simple and effective recording

We designed CARiNA Recording to meet your business needs and streamline your workflow. It's customisable and incredibly easy to use. We have even created an intuitive quick filter which speeds up call searching so that you can be more productive and efficient.

effective recording


Our recording systems have built-in performance monitors and advanced alarm systems to make you aware of any performance problems. CARiNA can notify users or groups of users about failures and system conditions via SMS or email for your convenience.


Flexibility For Any Environment

Our solutions are flexible, modular and adaptable. We can fit in with your immediate recording requirements and can offer a modular migration path for any future business needs you may have. ComputerTel's Call Recording can be part of your onsite telephony solution, in a virtualised environment or part of a cloud or hosted solution.

Flexibility For Any Environment

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