Mobile Recording

CARiNA Mobile Recording is a network level solution that enables you to record calls, voicemails and text messages. It allows you to record, store and analyse all of your mobile recordings for training and quality purposes.


Recording is made at a network level, so it cannot be disabled.


Unlike app based solutions, there is no delay on calls for both incoming and outgoing.

phone book

There is no need to change your current mobile number(s).

Mobile Phone

Works on any device, so there is no requirement to change your handsets.

Fast, simple deployment

Deploy across multiple devices without the complexity of having to install and maintain the software on every device. Instead we add a simple add-on to the carrier’s standard mobile services, which has no impact on a user’s experience and is tamper-proof.

Simple Install


CARiNA Mobile recording secure controls meet industry best practices and even exceed many of them to ensure your recordings are always secure. Recordings are encrypted using different encryption keys based on each customer.


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