CARiNA Dashboard gives you live statistics with options to filter the data to show exactly what you need. CARiNA dashboard provides a visual display of what is happening within your business, allowing you to set filters and drill down through interactive graphs to refine your data to show the information you need to see on call flow operation.

24 7

Real time call statistics allow you to monitor call activity as it happens.

Graphical display

Graphical displays are easy to use and provide an instant overview of current activity on your phone system.

Drill Down

Simple drill down function allows you to quickly view activity by individual, group or entire workforce.

Jump Back

Facility to jump back to playback with the same data allows you to find potential problems.

Why do you need a dashboard?

When receiving hundreds or even thousands of calls a day, it's hard to see when patterns are forming through just data, you need something that can give you an overview of your calls, something that can show you the volume of calls, the average duration and even highlight unusually long or short calls. That's where CARiNA dashboard comes in, it can show you all of this and more.


Identify issues

Spotting issues as they happen is a real benefit and having live statistics highlights any issues and helps to ensure call volumes and durations are kept to the levels required.


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