Unlocking the value of voice

Friday 26th April 2019

Call recording is now considered standard Business practice, promoted especially in Contact Centre and Customer Service operations, as well as FCA lead institutions, however the use of the humble call recorder is so much more than it’s stereotypical strapline “ Calls may be recorded for training and verification purposes.” The ability to conduct more fundamental operational activities using your call recordings should not be overlooked. They contain an impartial account of client and employee interactions, hard facts and emotive opinions that, when used effectively, will help you obtain the most insightful information that can directly help you to improve your Business.

The Evolution of the Spoken Word
The humble Call Recorder has come a long way from its origins and now offers a more comprehensive operational tool compared to its forefathers.

The spoken word is now being monitored, evaluated and reproduced, like never before and is now considered a powerful Business tool to assist you with Customer Journey Mapping and using your Business data to comply with governance and legal frameworks within your Industry, as well as in relation to your customer’s marketing and privacy needs.

Powerful Data is already contained in your Call Records
If you already have call recording in place at your business, do you actively use its data to make your Business more productive and successful?
Call recording data is a powerful business tool to help you to understand how your customers, employees and stakeholders all interact within your Business environment. It informs you comprehensively and impartially about your interactions between your Customers and employees, so you can obtain relevant, important and meaningful information about your Business and how it performs and operates.
By taking the mass of data that you have gained and improving the way you manage, tag and annotate the content , you will start to see evocative outcomes.

Call Linking and Tagging
As with copious information relay, sifting through the most relevant and useful calls is key.
Offering users a quick and easy method of filtering for calls, and providing additional features like call tagging and the ability to add notes and markers to relevant calls, will help you find meaningful information more easily and quickly.

With the surge of applications-based solutions, many Call Recorders can now integrate with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems and Business Management tools, to provide actionable intelligence that offers a more comprehensive insight into your customers, as well as their needs & expectations, and offers an intuitive method of evaluating client and employee interactions along with their subsequent outcomes. Linking the relevant call to the customer’s other data files will allow an easier and more comprehensive way to manage customer activity, issues and complaints, as well as process-based work flows.

Quality Evaluation
Quality Evaluation tools are available with many Call Recording Solutions, to be able to simultaneously listen to a call and mark it against pre-set competencies, to obtain a performance-based review on agents and teams. This also expedites the process, negating the need for spreadsheet based methods that require separate reporting and analysis to obtain results.

Speech To Text Technology
Speech to Text technology has provided an opportunity to speed up the production of accurate transcriptions, verify their content and cut down on resources. Using your existing call recorder to produce the call content, then taking this data, passing it through a speech engine that can convert it to a text file and allow you to attach this to a client file, or link it with the relevant record on the CRM system, is a feature that some Call Recording Systems now offer.

Integrated Screen Capture
Integrated Screen Capture recording has also provided the opportunity to obtain a holistic view of a business interaction, showing not only the impartial content of a call, but also the administration and process-based results that occurred during the call, to show what else has happened during the call and monitor process based events and wrap up functions, that provides a comprehensive overview of an event or interaction.

Call Mining
Call records can be mined from your existing Call Recording Application for use with Speech Analytics (SA) solutions.
Speech Analytics has been a recent disruptive technology that provides actionable intelligence.
Mass Data analytics is submitted to a Search Engine for comprehensive analysis and reporting.
Most call recording solutions can extract mass copies of the original call records, in the correct format required and sent to the Search Engine, preventing the need for a separate solution to achieve this.

Rules Based Recording Options
In Organisations when every call is not required to be recorded, for compliance reasons or as a preference, you can still unlock the value of voice.

Operator Based Call Recording / Call Deletion on demand
Operator Based Call & Screen Recording / Call Deletion on demand, is available to allow important or sporadic call and screen recording to occur, based on a more intermittent need for capturing important call recordings, as appropriate. This is now proving popular to meet GDPR legislation.

Pause and Resume Recording
Pause and Resume Recording for PCI DSS compliance is also available when your Company needs to take credit card details over the phone. Various options are available, that should meet your methods and requirements, so always ensure that you have comprehensive advice when deciding on the best solution for your specific needs.

Final Thoughts
Unlocking the value of voice is easy, it’s just knowing where to look and what to do and this is where ComputerTel and Britannic technologies can assist you to achieve this.
Another valid point to address is that technology is forever changing and evolving, and the key to managing these changes is to ensure that your Business can retain your existing technology and adapt, enhance or integrate other applications within it, to allow you to benefit from these latest disruptive technologies, ideas and methodology, without having to find extra resource and budgets, where possible. Unlocking the value of voice helps you achieve this too.

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