Screen recording gives you a different perspective

Monday 26th November 2018

By recording your agent activities, as well as their calls will offer a different perspective for you and your customers. You record your calls and use these for quality and evaluation purposes, as well as training and verification, however,
have you considered adding another new level to process management, quality control and productivity monitoring,
by combining your call recording with screen recording too?

Screen recording offers you a holistic and impartial method to see how you and your staff deliver the customer
experience, capturing not only the call content, but also the entire data entry process of your staff, to ensure
that all actions, feedback, CRM processes, wrap ups & follow ups are done quickly and efficiently.

Simultaneous playback of the call and the device activity will allow you to see everything that occurs during
your Customer's interactions with your Business, allowing you to impartially measure and monitor your
Customer Experience.

Screen capture licences can be added to the number of staff members that you want to obtian a holistic
view of, allowing you to treat it as a project and roll it out to more staff, as required.

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