Covid 19?? - It's Business as Usual

Thursday 12th March 2020

In light of the “Business as Usual” approach being encouraged, to deflect any additional impact to the UK Economy, we have compiled a list of suggestions that can assist Businesses to prepare for any potential disruption to their workforce, in the wake of a Coronavirus epidemic.

1)      Ensure that your staff can work remotely from home, if required.

Conduct an audit to check that your staff have the technical ability to work from home seamlessly, and be able to securely access all relevant files, folders, documents etc. and gain access to your CRM or Customer Management System, via their laptops or devices, so that they can conduct their usual business activities, in the event that any member of your team needs to self-isolate, or work from home, to help someone who depends on them (a dependant)*.

2)     Ensure you can redirect your phone calls, so that they can be answered remotely.

Make sure that your telephony infrastructure allows you to redirect your phone line(s) so that you or your staff can answer the phone if they are away from the office, so that your clients and prospects can contact you transparently, when required. 

3)     Consider monitoring your remote quality standards, for best practice and seamless service delivery.

Business continuity is important, so in order to allow you and your customers to expect the same high standard of service and support, you could consider recording your phone calls, including mobile phones, and using screen capture to record PC screen activity too, so that you can monitor the service delivery standards as they happen, and assist and support proactively, if you notice any change in usual standards.

4)     Keep Communication flowing if you are all working remotely.

Encourage good security practice, through regular communication internally with all your remote staff members and ensure that all parties keep in touch with each other, inform each other when breaks are being taken and check on each other regularly throughout the day. 

5)     Deliver different types of Management and Support for your team.

If remote working is not a usual practice for some of your staff, it can initially have an impact on motivation and performance levels, thrown into a different working environment, so ensure that your management team support remote workers and adapt their management styles, if necessary, to assist, empathise and encourage good and positive working practices during this time. To help your staff adapt to this new method of working.

6)     Remain consistent with Management Decisions and practice.

Ensure that your policies on remote working remain consistent and are shared with all staff.

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