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Take the Credit for doing PCI DSS Compliance properly

Tue 6th Nov 2018
PCI DSS compliance ensures that your business proactively protects your customers account data whenever you take credit and debit card payments. This article explains what considerations need to be made, to comply with the standard, especially associated with call and screen recording compliance.Read More

Finding A needle In A Haystack. Speech Analytics for the SME Market

Tue 6th Nov 2018
Speech Analytics has been considered a powerful but expensive business tool, primarily suitable for a large organisation who can afford the sizeable investment to purchase and deploy this technology. This paper explores how the use of this technology can now be implemented for the SME marketplace too and covers advise on what to expect and how to run such a project successfully.Read More

Call Recording, What is Your Flavour

Tue 6th Nov 2018
Call recording is much more versatile than you may think. Take a look at our Menu and see which flavour you like the best.Read More

Come and Visit us at Britannic Convergence Summit 2018

Tue 6th Nov 2018
We are looking forward to being part of this year's Convergence Summit with Britannic Technologies.Read More

London Buskers to go Contactless

Fri 19th Oct 2018
London buskers will now be able to accept NFC payments in a world first scheme introduced by the Mayor of London. Read More

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