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Reliable Recording, Secure Storage and Effortless Playback

Insight Into Your Business

From Call Recording through to integrated Quality Management software, we give you the tools to gain new insight into your business, find out what your customers think about your organisation and if your staff are making the most of each call.

ComputerTel is an independent voice and data recording company, with over 25 years experience in Call Recording and Quality Management. We understand that call recording is more than just about the software, and that's why all our customers benefit from outstanding customer service as well as technical support, through an experienced engineering team that cover everything from installs to general support.

Flexibility For Any Environment

Our solutions are flexible, modular and adaptable. We can fit in with your immediate recording requirements and can offer a modular migration path for any future business needs you may have.
24 7 support

ComputerTel's Call Recording can be part of your onsite telephony solution either as a stand alone system or fully integrated with your PABX.

24 7 support

ComputerTel's Call Recording product range can be deployed in a virtualised environment without compromising on performance.

24 7 support

ComputerTel's Call Recording can form part of a cloud or hosted solution to provide fully featured recording to any of your requirements.


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